Games Info !
Invaders! Possibly from Space : Its a space invaders remake in Futurama Style from the Episode “Anthology of Interest II” were fry want´s to see how the world be if it would be like a Video Game. The Humans are attacked by Alians named Nintendians and everything happens like in Space Invaders. You play this specific Episode as a video Game for the PC , but with lots of Extras. You will only see every Extra if you reach at least Level 100.

There is no Level limit you can reach as many Levels as you can , but happy there is a Save function that saves every 9-13 th Level , also you can earn Save Bonus Scores to get Save Bonus Points with them you can save when ever you want.

You can use up to 30 saveslots , if you start a new Game and you reach a saveing point , the Computer creates a new Save file. If you load a savegame and reach a saveing Point , the old file will be replaced by a new one with the actual state of the game.

You will see more and more Extras if you reach a upper Level , this way you will see more new stuff and that keeps up the motivation.

Moon Patrol - new path : Player drives a moon buggy jumping over craters, rocks and land mines, shooting simultaneously at rocks in front and aliens above while dodging their missiles. The object is to complete the varying legs of the patrol course as quickly as you can while avoiding rocks, craters, mines, and attacks from enemy craft. Your buggy has two guns: a short-range cannon that fires ahead of you and an anti-aircraft gun that fires upwards. You can use the cannon to blast away rocks that block your progress. Most rocks will crumble in one hit, but large ones will need two hits. There are also tiny rocks that can only be destroyed with precision shooting (otherwise, you will have to jump it).

Asteroids clone : is a clone of the good old arcade asteroids by Atari from 1979. I tryed to make the same game with some little differences in the score system. I changed the score system on my clone because of the huge Points that was possible on the Original arcade game . If you would get 400.000 Points in the Original game , that would be 40.000 in my game. Check the readme file for more info.

2nd. Encounter : is made for the Retro Remakers Competition 2006 my version is a Remake of the game Encounter! The Original game by Paul Woakes was puplished 1984 by Novagen Software . I dont know exactly the story , but what i know is that you landed on a Planet where some aliens use robot Bots for training. After your landing on the Planet the training system automaticly activates and your fight for survival begins. Read the read me (if you have downloaded it) for more info .
Run or Die : was a "just for fun" project , the goal is to try to stay always on the Platforms and dont fall down but watch out you become faster from time to time . There are some Items in Game to help or to handicap you. As an example there is a stop sign item that slows you down and give you better controll . The Game has only 7 Maps , but its enough to have some fun.P.S. i hope someone breaks my Score :) .
Kung fu Master 3D : is a Remake of the Original Arcade Game by Irem Corp.1984. Its all based on this but my Version is in 3D and will have at least 1 Level more and maybe a Bonus Level. The current Version has the first 4 Levels .
Snake & Fish : is a Snake Clon but in full 3D with some extra stuff ! You can eat fishs , but some of them are different and you have to watch out . In some Levels are Underwatermines , dont touch them. Piranhas can bite other smaller fishs , those are poisoned then . If you eat now a poisoned fish you become poisoned too , after that you can eat fishs as well and you will grow as well but fishs dont will be registered as eaten Fishs and you dont get Points while your poisoned.