It is "Invaders! Possibly from SPace" time :)


Its time , from now on you can download "invaders! Possibly from Space" version 1.0 from the Download section.

Enjoy playing the game and have fun :)

A new Video from "Invaders ! Possibly from Space"


Its a new Video that shows the current status of the Game , Hope i can release the game soon.


New stuff in the WIP section !!


I´ve uploaded some Screenshots of my new Futrama Space Invaders Remake , you can see them in the WIP section.

A Video of the Episode where all the stuff happens in the series , can be watched HERE.Enjoy !!

Workin on a new Freeware Game

I am currendly working on 2 Games again , first a freeware game and second my first commercial Game . The Freeware one will be a remake again , but with a personal touch of a TV-Series :) . The Commercial game will be a Breoukout game with lots of extras and new features. Hope you will enjoy my games and maybe donate a little to give me a reason to make freeware games.


Thanks , i will be glad to release my games if there finished.


P.s. A few days to late for this , but Happy new Year :).

News again yeah !

Now 1 year without news , sorry for that . Of course there was some happenings in the meanwhile.

--I droped down some Projects because of complications with a Team Made or that project was one of the unlucky ones that were on my Hardrive that crashed . You may ask why not made a Backup ?...... i am an idiot , that backup was also on the same HDD :( .

--Currently i am working on a new Breakout game , it will have some new features thats not seen in other breakout games and its lot of fun (testers said this at least) . You can see more later , maybe in the WIP section or the download section.

--Updated my 3D Engine version from A6 pro to A7 pro, as you all know iam using the 3D Gameengine from Conitec. Now i have some new features and one of it is the new script language light-C , you can read more on the Gamestudio Homepage.

Thats enough of news for now , no the news not coming once in a year now :).


bandyed my Webhoster !

Finaly i bandyed my webhoster to a faster one , now we didnt get so mutch "server is down"problems if lots of people download at the same time .

Moon Patrol - New Path ready for puplic download !!

Beta tests are over now and game is ready for download , grab it in the download section , have fun and enjoy it . Dont wonder why you didnt make it to the end so quickly , the game is hard at the last course , even for me :)

Its done !! Moon Patrol - New Path

First things first , sorry for the delay on news and not answering e-mails . This was becouse of my disconnection from Internet for 2 months . I was disconnected from Internet because i moved and after some very bad complications i am back now .

The good news , i had lots of time last month and finished my Moon Patrol Remake !! , its done now but needs to be tested by some Beta Testers after this i will release it to the Puplic .

Screenshots can be viewed in the Screenshots Section . Hope you like it , i am happy with the final Game. The very new elements of the Game are in the Third and Special Course .

Info !! for the Germans

German : An alle deutschsprachingen Besucher dieser Seite , sie können mich auch in deutsch ansprechen , leider kam ich bisher nicht dazu die Seite auch in deutsch zu erstellen. Nun wissen sie ja das es auch in deutsch möglich ist mir zu mailen , daher bitte noch etwas Gedult

Times Battle W.I.P.

This time i am working on a Commercial Game called "Times Battle" , fight your way thru enemy lines with your Jeep . Demo will be avaible soon , read more in the W.I.P. Section.

Asteroids Clone

I made a new Asteroids Game , a Clone from the Original Arcade one by Atari , it was released 1979 . Please read the Readme for info about controls and scoresystem.

Check the Download section to get this 2 MB game and enjoy !!

New Moon Patrol Video !!

I´ve uploaded a new Video of my Moon Patrol Remake , it shows the game from point A to point E , of course you can be hit by bombs or can fall in the calderas but the game ends at point E. Still a lot to do before i can upload a playable version .
The Video looks a bit laggy , thats a reason of recording it in 800 x 600 screen size + sound + 30 frames . Belive me its mutch smoother in gameplay as shows in the video ( at least on my PC ) .

Moon Patrol Remake on the way !

Started on a Remake of Moon Patrol (Arcade) . Moon Patrol is a Game by Irem. and was released 1982 . My working title is "Moon Patrol - new path" , i will try to keep all the original elements of the game in my Remake and one (new path) by my own too , but the most important thing is , i will try to get the same feeling like the Original game has.

I know there are some remakes done by other ppl. and you guys think "why another remake ?" .... I love this game and i want to make my own way of Moon Patrol , but my first priority will be to catch a nice and smooth gameflow !

Check the W.I.P. section for more info .....

Retro Remakers Compo 2006 ended last night !!

Yes last night the Competition 2006 ended and i am only finished with my remake to 99% , i uploaded my version with some bugs and some missing features . Nevertheless i already updated my Version here in the Download section , so go and grap the version 1.1 of my Encounter Remake and enjoy playing it :) .

New Game by me for the Retro Remakes Competition 2006

Encounter is a 20 years old Game by Paul Woakes for the c64 and other Computers out of the good old time. You can see the rules and all you need to know about this Compo at Retro Remakes Page and Forum . You can see some shots of it in the W.I.P. Section.

My Version will have all the stuff from the Original and also some new Enemy shooting behaviours as well and of course all enemys will have different shapes. If you dont know Encounter , maybe you know some other excelent games by Paul Woakes Mercenary I - III are some of them.

Welcome to my redesigned Webpage .

Maybe some of you knows it already , my first Page was a Graphic and Art Page and now after i became a Hobby Game Developer i made it a Games development Page . You can still visit my Old Page . My Nickname is "Shinobi" and Shinobi means Ninja , so my Page Design is a Ninja Theme :). I am using the 3D Engine by Acknex "A6 Pro edition" to build my games You will find all my works i did and i will do , here on this page and on other Pages as well. What can i say more then hope you like and enjoy my Games .